Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Bath of Picked Failure

Last week I posted about our abundance of Poona Kheera cucumbers.

So, Sunday afternoon my wife and I decided to make up a batch of pickles, 7 jars worth. We found a recipe online, washed cucumbers, washed and sanitized jars, heated lids, made the brine, all of that wonderful stuff. (And by we, I mostly mean Andie did the work while I sat at the table and looked up what else we could pickle).

Cukes were stuffed into the jars; brined; lids put on. Jars set into the boiling water, place the lid back on the pot.

I think I hear a sound. Lids on the jars sealing, I wishfully think to myself.

The timer ticks for ten minutes. Then, the moment of truth:

Now, I'm no expert when it comes to canning, but I just don't think that's what pickles are supposed to look like.

My guess is that we had allowed the jars to cool off too much before placing them into the water bath, so upon entry to the hot water the glass cracked and eventually just fell apart. It was certainly disappointing, but, you live and you learn.

We did salvage three of the seven jars. Perhaps in another week or two we will crack one of them open and see if they are any good. If so, I will link to the recipe we used here, and hopefully we'll have enough cucumbers to take another stab at this game!

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