Friday, July 22, 2016

Poona Kheera Cukes

The humidity is in full swing here in Northwest Iowa, as temps have hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit the past couple of days, with heat indexes approaching and surpassing 115. Most of the garden is loving it. (We did have to say goodbye to the zucchini plant, the place it was in was semi-shaded and it didn't like that too well.)

While there are a few things coming ripe at this point, such as green beans, and a few cherry tomatoes, the main star of the show has been cucumbers. For some unknown reason, I thought I needed like 8 cuke plants. These are spilt roughly half and half beteen "traditional" green slicing cucumbers, and Poona Kheera cucumbers. While I have only picked a handful of the regular cukes, the Poona Kheeras are going absolutely gangbusters.

If you aren't familiar with these cucumbers, they grow in a very pale yellow/green color, but turn brown upon maturing, taking on an almost potato-like appearance.

They are excellent for slicing and eating, and I anticipate that they will hold up well for pickling, which we will be trying out in the days and weeks ahead. Stay tuned.

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