Thursday, August 4, 2016

An Abundance of Cherries

Well, cherry tomatoes, that is.

I'll try to get pictures up sometime in the near future of a days picking. I planted 60 some tomatoes seeds at the begging of the year, February or so. Germination was darn near 100%. Well, this was far too early, and my seedlings became somewhat lanky. Shortly after our late-April move to our new home, I placed everything outside to get some natural light. What I didn't know was that we were supposed to receive a thunderstorm that night.

After 2+ inches of rain, most of my itty-bitty potted 'matoes were toast. I did manage to salvage six of them, though. In hindsight, I might be just slightly glad that I don't have 60 tomato plants, because I have no idea what we would do with that many tomatoes. I had originally planted a half and half mixture of cherries and Amish Paste. None of the Amish Paste survive, so I was left with a half dozen cherry tomato plants. The abundance has been rather delightful. Usually twice a week or so I pull off one or two quarts of the pleasurably sweet little suckers.

Maybe next year we should put in sixty, and go into business? We'll see.

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