Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tomatoes: a Problem and Rewards

Part of one day's picking
So, I mentioned in my previous post that we have experienced an abundance of cherry tomatoes. This has been a wonderful problem to have, but part of what has caused it to come about has been the rampant growth of the tomato plants themselves.

This might not be a terribly big issue if they were simply a few plants in a raise bed in my back yard, but since they are in my front lawn, hugging the sidewalk...well, sprawling plants eating the walkway isn't a very nice way to greet the mailman everyday, or any other guests who may come by.

This left me with a problem. Because, you see, I had no real fencing apparatus besides the cages the tomatoes had already outgrown. So I had to get creative.
I stared at my garage, wondering "what in the world could I use?"
Then the connections started to happen. A curtain rod. T-Post fencing connecters. Wires from the political sign of a failed presidential candidate. Spare trapping wire. What did I have? The makings of a trellis.

It's working pretty well. We'll see if it holds up in a windstorm. I placed the curtain rod directly against one of the tomato cages and fastened it there with the T-Post wires. Then through the top of the curtain rod I ran the sign wire, which was hanging higher than the cages, so I took the trapping wire (14 gauge, I'd guess), and wired it down to the cages in three different spots. This will give the tomatoes another 2-3 feet to climb...I'm guessing by the time they're up that high production will drop off.

Amazing where a little creativity and ingenuity can get you.

And hey, best of all, Andie (my wife) has been making lot of delicious dishes with our little cherry buddies, including the tomato/olive pasta I'm enjoying here.

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